Welcome to Kovai Builders. We have been mining sand and both distribute and supply high grade Sand direct from our own Quarry. Our sand has high grade Silica content and provides a consistent quality and has been used in many industries, from glass making and industrial construction, to leisure and equestrian surfaces.
We can provide products for many different uses and can tailor soil sand mixes for specific needs that are required. Our sand varies in color from orange and brown to a light gold to suit your requirements as well as budget. We can also supply sand stone and iron stone rock.
Our sand has previously been used in spitfire windscreens. With our years of experience and extensive knowledge within this industry, make us your first port of call!


  • River Sand
  • M – Sand
  • P – Sand
  • Jalli (Crusher Stones) of all sizes (1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1.5″)
  • Crusher Sand




One of the most leading manufacturer and best supplier of River sand and we give best price. River sand is used in the constructions industry mainly for concrete production and cement-sand mortar production. River sand is obtained by dredging from river beds. It has the major characteristics that since it has been subjected to years of abrasion, its particle shape is more or less rounded and smooth, and since it has been subjected to years of washing , it has very low silt and clay contents.
River sand is the form of extracting sand in the river bed. It is said to be a fine aggregate and is favored by many for construction. We also deal in supplying river bed sand. River sand is used in the construction industry mainly for concrete. River sand is obtained by dredging from riverbeds. The characteristics of river sand would improve the work ability of concrete and mortar compared to the use of alternatives such as crushed rock fine. We provide best price in the River sand market.



We have used latest techniques in M-sand, perfectly resembling the river sand, with better strength. M-sand is increasingly used in construction activities, especially the building sector. We are consistent in maintaining the superior quality of our sand and this is achieved by crushing the granite  using the latest machinery in the industry. M-sand serves to be the best alternative and fills this gap. We mine the raw materials needed for M-sand from granite quarries and ensures that it meets all industry standards.
We promises hundred percent durable, flawless and intensely strong M-sand. The cubic no scope for issues like bleeding, segregation and honey combing or capillaries. M-sand can be procured at any required quantity and the best price is further less compared to the other sand suppliers. Leading Manufacturer of M-sand we are engaged in providing a wide array of M-sand. M-Sand is a substitute of river sand for concrete construction.




We are leading suppliers of P-sand manufacturers with an exponentially increasing customer base. We  are involved in offering a wide range of P-sand to our valued clients. These are finely processed using advance technologies and under the firm direction of our expert quality controllers with the availability in various types, grades and other specifications, these P-sand are widely used in various construction companies as a perfect construction material. It can be smooth, rough or textured.
In order to paint a plaster a plaster wall, you will want to sand it down to the bare plaster for the most effective and lasting paint application. In order to sand a plaster wall, you will need to use coarse sandpaper on rough textured surfaces and finer grit sandpaper on smooth surfaces. It is important to take your time when sanding plaster because you could crack or damage the wall if you sand too vigorously. Sanding plaster is not difficult, but it is messy and time consuming. Besides, these are available with us at affordable price.

Jali (Crusher Stones) of all sizes


We are the Top Jali (Crusher Stone) supplier in Erode and Salem. Crusher Stones are high quality and seized as per requirements. Crushed stone is used mostly as aggregate for building construction and all types of construction and maintenance. It is also used for making cement and lime and other chemical applications, and in agriculture. There are other uses for crushed stone, many stone, many of which are not accurately or completely reported. These are manufactured by state of the art machinery with different circuits in place.
We focus on the cubical shape and properly grounded nature of the aggregates during the manufacturing process. We maintains fineness modulus as per the specified standards and ensures zero flakiness and elongation for aggregates. We provides you honest pricing and exceptional quality products specific to your needs.




Crusher sand is a common by-product of mining and quarrying. With fine particles like soft sand, crusher sand can be used as a cost-effective filling and packing material around water tanks; blended with natural sands to improve concrete shrinkage and water demand and as a material to back-fill trenches. In order to keep pace with the never ending demands of customers, we are involved into offering wide range of crusher sand. Paving Crusher sand is useful as a base for laying down pipes and serves as an ideal solution to stop soil from being waterlogged.
It is much less expensive than other rock based mineral supplements on the market. To make your compacted crusher sand even more stable you can compact with a plate compactor, which we have for hire at Bedrock. These are available with us at best price.


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