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We can provide custom built industrial constructions, Residential Construction and Commercial Constructions. Presently over 200+ Kovai Builders are under operation across the country.

Kovai Builders is one of the fast growing plot promoters company in the field of real estate which has been fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of home buyers for past 2 years, especially in Coimbatore, India. We have Apartments, Individual House and Lands in prominent locations in Coimbatore, India. We collaborated with several prominent builders in Coimbatore, India. We emerged to fulfill the needs of all individuals.The extraordinary modern amenities with all the convenient facilities at a reasonable price offers golden opportunity for the citizens to get better than the best solution for making their dreams come really true from Kovai Builders Plot Promoters.

Continuing this we constructed many group houses, row houses and individual houses. The joined hands of Managing Director, and other Directors, Architect, Chief Engineer, Project Engineer and others made us to construct more and more hundreds of houses in full swing and made our customers more comfortable with full satisfactions and our success also having the reason of latest technologies used by us imported for abroad.

Presently over 200+ Kovai Builders are under operation across the countryRead more