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We can provide custom built Flat Promoters, Land Promoters, Plot Promoters, Villa Promoters and Industrial Construction Promoters. Presently over 200+ Kovai Builders are under operation across the country.

Kovai Builders is leading Flat Promoters. A home is your personal comfort zone, your own quiet corner in this crazy world where you can escape the pressures of modern life. A place where you can enjoy life to its fullest with your entire family. Our Flat Promoters help you for choose your right place.

At Kovai Builders, we appreciate the emotions that are attached to a home. Building a home is an investment of a lifetime, the single most important decision that you make and that’s why we build homes not houses!

Our buildings are known for their immaculate planning with an emphasis on aesthetics and impeccable quality. Our in-house team of dynamic, experienced Civil Engineers, Architects and Supervisors ensure that we continue to be known for the quality and timely completion of our projects.

We construct comfortable flats by considering the needs of all the members of the family and promote them at economical price. We offer customers a wide range of flat options to choose from at cost effective prices. Our Marketing team with extensive experience in short listing the prospective real estate need of customers which allows us to ensure genuine residential properties is made available by us at reasonable prices.

Presently over 200+ Kovai Builders are under operation across the countryRead more